Quitting the Blog

First of all, I am not going to quit blogging. I'm actually writing about the bloggers who quit blogging. When I discover a blog that is starting out, I visit and comment on that blog to established a comradeship with the writer of the blog. I end up visiting that blog several times a week to check any new posts and I grow to like it. At the start, the blogger will be posting regularly but then they won't make a post for a very long, and the one day, they'll stop posting all together.

I know there are several good reasons why people quit blogging(starting a family, very busy schedule, pasting way) However there are bad reasons why people stop blogging. They quit blogging because they got bored of it which makes me think, why did they begin to blog in the first place. Another bad reason is because of internet trolls. There are some people in this world who like to make things difficult for others because they are pathetic in real life. When I did that post on how I watched every episode of Naruto in a week and I said that Naruto is a crappy anime; Trolls acting like narutards(or maybe they were real narutards) tried to flame me saying that I should quit watching anime and that I'm an A**hole because I insulted their favorite anime. I ignored the comments and deleted them because I don't care what they said and I don't want my readers to see anything negative on my blog and I want only positive vibes in my blog. I will not let anybody try to force me to stop blogging. There are some new bloggers who think that they are going to get a million hits a day but they will only have 20 hits a days and end up quitting. You are not going to have a million hits when you start up and it will take a lot of time and work before you get there.

I know that the picture has nothing to do with the post but how doesn't like the vocaloids ?

Damn, I got off topic. For those bloggers who are planning to quit for any reason at least make one final post saying good bye with a reason why you are quitting. So, what are your thoughts on this matter?

By the way, I while not quit blogging until I make my dream come true.

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