Stupid Drivers 2

This has been annoying since the first day I started driving. I like to drive and it's fun but there are 3 types of people that I don't want to share the road with, old people, young drivers, and morons.

first up on the chopping block are old people. They drive so slow it is not even funny, yesterday I was behind this old person who was driving at 20 mph in a highway with the speed limit being 60 mph. They should give up their licenses and take the bus or ask family member to drive them around.

Young drivers are a pain in the ass, the ages range between 16 to 20. They are divided into 2 categories, speed demons and airhead. The speed demons are the worst drivers in the world, it's like the learned how to drive from watching all 3 The Fast and The Furious movies once. These jerks change lanes without using their turning signals while speeding. The one thing I really hate about them is the roaring sounds that comes from their cars. I know cars and the sound is not an awesome engine, what the do is that they make a hole in the muffler to recreate the sound, it is so stupid of them. The Airheads are the ones who are talking on their phone while doing something else other than not driving. I remember once their was this girl who was on her phone and putting on make up at the same time, what makes it worst is that she was taking up 2 lanes until a cop pulled her over.

Morons are the ones who have been driving their entire life but they lack common sense. I was once driving minding my own business and out of no were, a car was driving on the opposite side of the road and crashed into me. Thank goodness I was wearing my seat belt because the entire front part of my old truck was destroyed and the airbag did not deploy. I found out that the other driver did that because she saw a fan in someone's garbage can and she got on the wrong side of the road because in her mind she thought that I was fast enough to dodge her. How can I dodge her if she drove herself 5 feet in front of me while I was driving at 45 mph which happens to be the speed limit, there was no time to react.

I think I'm going to start carrying a box of hammers in my car so when I see someone driving like a jackass, I will throw one at them. Hopeful they think to themselves "wow, my driving is so bad that people are throwing hammers at me, from now on I will be a better driver". So, what bad driving experiences have happened to you?

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