Two Packages at a Time

Yesterday after I got out of classes early, I decided to go out and by some manga and I also got one those reusable tote bags because I want to use that instead of plastic bags. When I got home, I found 2 packages on my door step for me. The cool thing is that I ordered these two 2 items about a week apart from each other and they both arrived at my house at the same time. So, lets see what's inside......

In package 1, it is the latest issue of Megami Magazine. I have been meaning to buy an issue of Megami Magazine but I was about to find it for a cheap price

In package 2, it is limited edition first print of Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUO. I have been wanting to buy the first game and I almost did at Metrocon but a month earlier, the sequel was announced. I got this game for $39.90 at Play-Asia which is 10 dollars cheaper than the regular version of this game. The limited edition version was going for $95.00 but after the big price cut, I had to get it.

I am going to review Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUO later this week. So, have you ever had 2 orders you made to arrive at the same time?

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