Afro Samurai Resurrection DVD Review

Yesterday, I went out shopping for some clothes and I had some extra money left over. I went to Best Buy to get Lucky Star DVD volume 5 but they were sold out, it seems I have to get it off of I ended up buying Afro Samurai Resurrection DVD for $20.00 USD instead.

The plot of Afro Samurai Resurrection is that a few years after the events of the original series, Afro is living alone seeking peace because he already got his revenge. One stormy night, Afro is attacked and has the remains of his father's corpse and the number one headband stolen. Now Afro is forced to pick up his sword one more time to find the number two headband to challenge the new number one.

This is the inside of the DVD jacket.
I first saw the television premier of this movie and the quality of the DVD in great. The artwork of the movie is actually really good through out the whole film which is impressive because I have seen before in some anime movies that use the entire animation budget on the fight scenes and forget about the rest. The soundtrack of the movie was done by the RZA who is a member of the legendary hip hop group, the Wu Tang Clan.

The inside of the DVD case, this DVD has some nice packaging.
The extra's that come with this movie is a 24 paged booklet that contains concept art, production art, and promotional images. The special features DVD has a lot of behind-the-scenes on the movie, video game, and soundtrack and an exclusive insight of the world of Afro Samurai done by the creator, Takashi Okazaki. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes fast paced action and fans of the original series, the only downside to this movie is that if you have not seen the original series, you are going to feel lost. So, who is going to buy this?

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