Manga Shopping

Yesterday Afternoon, I got a call from Books-a-Million that the Manga books I ordered from them arrived to the store and it was really for pick up. While I was there, I got some extra stuff from them.

I use the reusable tote bag from Books-a-Million
I bought:

Saint Seiya vol. 25, I was suppose to get vol. 24 also but it was out of stock everywhere because volume 24 was one of the special manga that had the Shonen Jump stickers for that contest they had

Hellsing vol. 7, 8, and 9. I'm waiting for the final volume to come out

Claymore vol. 7 and 8

Kurosagi Corpse delivery service vol. 4 and 5. This manga is not sold at stores and I have to order it.

Not much of a post today but I will have something better tomorrow.

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