Metrocon, Again

Well, it is that time of the year that I have to start planning for Metrocon, again. If you have been a long time reader, you know that I attended last years Metrocon and I liked it. This is my second Metrocon and I sorta know what I'm expecting.

What I learned from last year is that I should take a good size tote bag, more food, and much more money. I have been ask to host a panel at this years Metrocon and the only thing I'm getting out of it that getting in for free!!!

Guess what panel I'm hosting, click the image below to view it larger

It is best for me to start planning now, things to do before Metrocon 2009:
1)Save 2,000 dollars for con
2)Get business cards
3)Think out what I'm going to do at the panel
4)Think out what I should raffle away at panel
5)Get a new Otaku Dan t-shirt
6)Get a big tote bag with the Otaku Dan logo on it
7)Search around for a hotel that has great prices and reserve a room
8)Do not get tempted to make big purchases between today and June 18

Damn, I have a lot ahead of me.

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