Microsoft are Bigots

So, do you want learn how to get yourself banned from Xbox live. Is it trolling, no everyone does that, hacking, that's child's play. Wait! I know, just identify yourself as a gay or a lesbian and you will be banned in a matter of minutes. A young woman that goes by the name of Teresa(she did not give a last name)was banned from Xbox live because identified herself as a lesbian on her profile. Whats f*cked up is that when she appealed to get unbanned is that Microsoft said that gamers found her sexual orientation offensive and that she was going to stay banned.

I think that what happened to Teresa is crime because she was getting all of these messages from these ignorant people called her a f*g and other hateful words and she reported it to Microsoft but nothing was done about it. I don't have an Xbox but I have played games on Xbox live using a friend's Xbox 360 and it is gross. I heard every single insult and hate word known to man while I was playing Halo 3 and these jerks don't get banned. Hell, one time I was over at a friend's house and he was playing that card game Uno on Xbox live with the webcams and some freak flashed his penis to everyone playing with him and he was reported but was not banned.

It seem that Microsoft hates homosexuals or anything related to that because one man who his real name is Richard Gaywood, had his account suspended because of the word gay was in his name and Microsoft did not care if it is his real name. So, what do you think of this matter?

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