Recently, I just found out that I'm getting a check of $1,500 USD from the government in a few days. Every year I get a grant for being smart to pay for college and it is divide in between The fall and spring semester. Whatever money that is left, I get to keep for myself. Last semester I was able to buy a Wii because of that grant money but this time around I'm going to do something else with it.

The first thing that came to mind was that I should buy a new computer. However, if I did that then I would have spent all of that money on one thing. The second thing that can to mind was that I should buy figures, manga, and Anime DVDs but in reality it would seem rather wasteful. What I may end up doing is go on a shopping spree but with a $100 USD spending limit. I'm going to save the rest of the money until I have $3000 USD to buy a new computer.

I really don't chase after money like a lot of people do, I just let it flow into my life and that is why I'm doing very well during these times. I was taught from a very young age that money should not be lusted for but it is still important an thing in one's life. So, what would you do if you got that amount of money?

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