My Day Off (Sort Of)

Well, yesterday I finally got a day off from college not because it was a holiday but President Obama came to visit the city I live in. There was so much traffic that by the time I made it to school, it took 3 hours when normally it take me 25 minutes.

Thanks for the day off, President Obama

When I got to school there was no one around and I missed 2 of my classes. I when to my next class and there was a note of the door stating that due to high traffic the professor was not coming to school that day. I'm a little annoyed that my college did not send out an email saying that classes are canceled due to this big event. I ended leaving and the drive back home was actually pretty nice.

When I got home, I ended reading all of the Genshiken manga and playing video games. After I done playing games, I watched the speech he did on TV and it was pretty good. What was awesome that I got a chance to see the presidential airplane, Air Force One fly over my house when I was tossing out the trash. The reason why I saw Air Force One is because the airport is a 5 minute drive from my house. I wanted to get a picture of it but I did not have my camera with me at the moment. Should I have not gone to school today from the start but at least I got a post out of it. So, was anything like this ever happened to you or I just have the weirdest luck?

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