My Mascot: Version 2.0

Well I finally had my mascot redone by the great artist known as Chun from Puppy52 Art. A had been looking for an artist to remake my original one and Chun was right for the job. This was a commissioned job, meaning that I pay her to get this done and it was worth it.

My mascot, Ota-kun, version 2.0 ROCKS TO THE MAX!!!!!!

her prices vary depending what you want, I asked for an updated version of my mascot and a new banner. When I saw my mascot and banner, I was so happy. The banner looks so chill and awesome at the same time. I really like Chun's work and recommend her to anybody because she works fast, does great work, and she is so nice.

Ota-kun, version 1.0

One more thing, THANK YOU CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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