An Order and a Dilemma

Well you should know the drill by now. blah blah blah I got a package, blah blah blah I got it from a sale, blah blah blah lets see whats inside. Wait a minute, I have a dilemma and I need your help on deciding on something.

I have used up half of my hobby budget this month and this is the problem, I have a 30% bonus card on any games that I trade in for the purchase of any DS game but it will expire on March 1st and the game I want to get it Retro Game Challenge. Starting on March 1st, over 460 Best Buy stores are going to have a 50% off on most of their anime because they are going to make the anime section smaller. On stated that the list of those stores has not been finalized yet meaning that some stores may be added or removed, I know that 2 of the Best Buy stores that are near my house are having the 50% off but the list is not set in stone that they are going to have the sale.

By the way, this is what I got

So what should I do, use the coupon to get the game or wait for the wait for the 50% off sale?

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