Otaku Dan: One Year Later

Holy crap, I have finally made it to a year of blogging and I feel very proud of myself. When I started blogging I really thought that I was going to do for a little while and then quit but I made it into a daily habit of making posts. Then I decided to buy a domain and make my blog look nicer(the preset templates that Blogger has are really ugly).

After I bought a domain, the number of readers of my blog shot up and it was quite overwhelming. I really never thought that my blog would ever stand out like that and what I find interesting is that my blog is still growing. The people who really inspired me to start blogging was Danny Choo, Hector from Kirai, Pepinismo, and Otaku Generation's podcast.

The one I should be really thanking is you, the readers of my blog because without you, I don't think that I would have been doing this.

Thank You

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