Rei Tachibana Photo Shoot

I have been planning to buy this figure for a long time and I finally was going to buy her but then got in trouble. I saw her about a week ago and bought her on an impulse for around $50 USD at Robert's Anime Corner Store. This Rei Tachibana from the comedy anime, Pani Poni Dash. If you can tell, she is the sexual appeal of the series.

This figure was make by Alter and it happens to be my first Alter. The quality of figure that Alter has is incredible and I can tell just from this figure.

The one problem I have with this figure is that the glasses are extremely fragile, Alter tried to solve the problem by including 2 pairs of glasses. When I opened the box, one pair was completely broken in 3 pieces and the one that Rei is wearing is broken at the bridge. I thought that I was unlucky but it is pretty common with this figure.

Actually she looks hotter without the glasses

Obligatory close up pantie shot

Her skirt can be removed but it will leave paint residue. She has a big butt and that's cool.

I hope you enjoyed this figure photo shoot because I did.

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