The Return of Yotsuba&!

It has been almost a year and half since the last volume of Yotsuba&! was released in the United States. This great manga is finally making its comeback.

It was announced at this year's New York Comic Con that Yen press got the rights to Yotsuba&!. ADV use to have the rights to this manga but due to the financial issues they lost the rights to it.

Yen press will be releasing volume 6 of the manga on September 2009, I think that fans can wait a little longer. Everyone is expecting volume 1 through 5 to be released with the Yen Press logo on the manga books. So, who likes Yotsuba&! and are you glad new volumes are going to be released?

By the way, Yen press got the rights to the Spice and Wolf novel series.

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