Things That Need To Die

This post is about things I would like to see die because these things will some how or already have affected you.

Sonic Franchise
first of all, I'm not talking the old 2D Sonic games because those are great, I'm actually talking about the 3D Sonic games. the only good 3D Sonic game is Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast, after that the rest are crap. It seems that Sega's team Sonic having trying to stuck gold twice after the success of Sonic Adventure but they have been missing the target so many times that only a miracle can save it now.

Stupid Drivers

Click here to read the reason

Movie Remakes

It seems that originally has run out in Hollywood and what ends up happening it that movie studios remake a great classic and turn it into crap.

Dumb Fandom

Anime fans who think that their favorite anime is the greatest in the world and that other anime series are crap by default. Your favorite anime is not perfect and it has some faults.

FPS With Space Marines

It was Doom that started it all but Halo started the craze. It seems that about 75% of FPS games have some big space marine shooting aliens and/or monsters.

Bad AMVs
I'm talking about the AMV that was made on Windows movie maker, it has a random rock song that has nothing to do with the anime, and the clips from the anime they ripped from still has subtitles.

you know what she did.

So, what would you like to see die off?

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