Vundo Virus

Well, My half dead computer got the Vundo virus recently. It was about 2 days that my computer was acting weirder than usual and discovered that my computer has this virus. I currently run McAfee for strong virus and trojan horses, and Stopzilla for spyware and adware. What sucks is that both program are not working very well against Vundo virus, all they can do it defend during the attacks.

Well, how do you know that you may have the Vundo virus, the symptoms are:

  • Vundo will cause the infected web browser to pop up advertisements
  • Infected DLLs (with randomized names such as "__c00369AB.dat" and "slmnvnk.dll") will be present in the Windows/System32 folder and references to the DLLs will be found in the user's start up (viewable in MSConfig), registry, and as browser add ons in Internet Explorer.
  • Create a virus critical driver in C:/Windows/system32/drivers/ (ati0dgxx.sys)
  • Vundo will also impede download progress, stopping the status bar and process in its tracks
  • Some firewalls or antivirus software may also be disabled by the virus leaving the system even more vulnerable. Especially, it disables Norton AntiVirus and in turn uses it to spread the infection. Norton will show prompts to enable phishing filter, all by itself. Upon pressing OK, it will try to connect to and try to download more malware.

This situation is forcing me to buy a new computer but I have not reached my goal of $3000. I think I may just end up buying a $500 laptop from Dell instead. So, watch out for that dirty evil virus because Vundo is known for being really hard to get rid of.

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