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When you are an anime fan, you will end up collecting a lot of things like Anime DVDs, manga, figures, and model kits. Sometimes there will be somethings that when you see it, you must have it and you will not use at all. These collectible items that I'm talking about, you will buy it just because you are attracted to it and it will be nice to show off someday like for example the 7 Dragon balls made out of glass inside of a decorative wooden box, an original production cel from your favorite older anime or a pair of replica pantsu of a certain female anime character. My weird/cool collectible item that I like to show off is the head of RX-78-2 Gundam.

Lets guess what it does?

If you guessed correctly, it's a portable speaker that runs on double A batteries

You open up the sides to expose the speakers and the sound is great

So, do you have any weird/cool collectible anime related products?

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