Who is Otaku Dan?

I have really never properly introduced myself since Google's About Me page is very limited. I decided to devote this post to tell you a little about myself

Haruhi wanted to be in this post
Place of birth: New York
Race: Hispanic (Dominican)
Master languages: English(duh) and Spanish
Hobbies: watching anime, reading manga, playing guitar, and blogging

Upside down Haruhi is not amused

I was born and lived in New York until I was 6 years old. My parents shipped me off to Dominican Republic to a catholic private school because it is a weird family tradition and I was taught by the same teacher who taught my mom and my grandfather. Moved back to the U.S. in 98 and then a week later moved to family moved to Florida. Middle school is like a blur to me. High School was fun, I was part of the Jazz Band for 2 years and then I joined the debate club. Now I'm in college and blogging.

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