Best Buy Loot

Yesterday, I went out to Best Buy to take advantage of their 50% on all anime DVDs. I really did not know what I was getting because I did not make a list, I should make a list next time. After an hour in the store, I left with 4 DVDs.

I ended up buying, Pet Shop of Horrors complete collection, Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro Chan complete collection, King of Bandit Jing complete collection, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

I got Dokuro Chan for $8.49 and Petshop of Horrors for $8.99

Girl Who Leapt Through Time for $10.99 and King of Bandit Jing for $13.99

In total I spent $45.01 including taxes. This has to be the greatest sale on anime I have seen because the 50% off goes for all anime, even the new releases. This sale will last until March 21st, meaning that you still have sometime and I'm hoping that the final volume of Lucky Star comes out before the sale is over. So, are you going to go nuts on this sale and if you have, tell me what you bought.

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