Bootlegged Anime Merchandise

There Is one thing I hate more than all the stuff I have mentioned before in the rant section and that is bootlegs. When I buy something online saying it is the official product and when I finally get and find out it's a bootleg, it makes my blood boil. Let me show you the products that I own that is bootlegged.

This wallscroll looks ok but lets take a closer look

Somethings are not look great anymore. Just look at the Gundam, It is poorly drawn and there are a lot of imperfections.
Right now you are looking at what is suppose be Karen Joshua from the MS 08th Team. She looks like if a half blind third grader drew her. One foot is shorter than the other, she flaps of skin for hands, and what the hell is that around her waist?

The crotch looks saggy and deformed

Since when did Gundams have finger nail?
I bought these 2 DVDs at the same time when I started online shopping for the first time. The website I bought it from said that these are official DVDs and the price was too good to be true.

I got this bootleg for $20 USD when the official DVD costs around $175 USD and the packaging does not look like crap.

What I hate is that the bootleggers had the balls to print that on this DVD

The Evangelion DVD is a little tricky because it looks fine but..............

When you look at the back, it's in Japanese and it does not have the ADV logo all over it.

Nowadays, I'm a little more careful when shopping online and I only buy from online stores that are well known and respected. So, do you happen to own any bootlegged anime merchandise?

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