Boring Friday Shopping

Yesterday, on a whim I went manga shopping at Books-A-Million because I have nothing better to do on a Friday night. I was just watching Attack of the Show and in the middle of it, I put some pants on and went out. Before I got to the store, I decided to grab a bite at Wendy's.

let see what's inside the bag
I ended up buying Claymore volume 9 and 10 and I picked up Crayon Shin-chan. The reason why I picked up Crayon Shin-chan is cause I have seen the anime in Spanish years ago and on Adult Swim, I have been wondering how the manga was. Holy crap, the first page had me laughing out loud at the store when I was reading it at BAM and what I like is that just one volume has over 30 chapters. I also found a new manga that I'm going to pick on my next pick to BAM, it's called Uzumaki. It is so weird and creepy that I was thinking twice about but when I saw it has gotten great reviews and it is only 3 volumes long, I have to pick it up soon.

So, how often do you buy manga?

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