Good AMVs Vs. Bad AMVs

In a previous post someone asked me in a comment what I consider as a good AMV. For those who don't know, AMV stands for anime music video. A lot of people make AMVs and post them on Youtube but about 70% of those AMVs are not that great

Let me show you the difference between a good AMV and a Bad AMV.

Good AMV

If you see in the video above, the song goes very well with the video and it is sync perfectly. It look like the person who originally made this AMV(I say originally because there are like 5 or 6 users on Youtube claiming to have made it) took their time to make it and their are good at it.


In this video above, the song does not go with the video. The video was ripped from a fansubbed and it looks that the person did not even bother looking for a raw footage. overall its a poor AMV.

Now,let me some you my favorite AMVs:

So, what do you think of AMVs?

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