How to Act at an Anime Con

About a year ago I made an anime con survival post, this time I'm going to educate everyone on how one should act at one. The reason why I'm doing this post is because it's that time of year when all of the big anime cons are starting soon. I have been to my share of anime cons over the years and I have see almost about every and the thing I most commonly see is people acting like idiots from running around screaming at the top of their lungs to disrespectful to other people just because they can.

First of all, the hallways are not your playground. I have seen people sitting, dancing and acting like a fool in the middle of the hallways. these hallways tend to be crowded with a lot of people and there is a big chance of getting hurt. Don't glomp anyone that you may not know because there is a chance that person will kick your head in or charge you for assault(it has happened). This one is for young women who can be easily fooled, don't go alone with a guy to his hotel room because he probably was something devious in mind. It does not matter if he is cosplaying as your favorite anime character that you have had fantasies about, he is still a creep.

Don't drink alcohol or do drugs at an anime con. On 2 different occasions, I have seen the consequences of this and it is not pretty. One time, I saw this guy drunk picking fights with people and when a security guard when up to this guy to confront the problem, he punched the security guard and was arrested. The second occasion was when this girl was having a bad trip on acid. I mean she must have been seeing some weird stuff because she was freaking out and was taken to the hospital.

People, just be on you best behavior because when you are not, you are making everyone around you look bad. I'm not saying not to have fun but to do it in a smart way. So, bad anime con experiences have you had?

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