How to Post Every Day

You all must be thinking "how does this charismatic enigma of a man makes a post every single day?". Well, it is very simple because I have a 10 step program that I use to me make a daily post. I'm going to share my secret to the world.

Step 1: I sit down at my desk and I start looking at any anime related news that may be interesting

Step 2: I get distracted by dumb Youtube videos like this

Step 3: Then I visit Fakku to see if there are any new releases of "literature" (don't judge me)

Step 4:
I take a nap

Step 5: I visit ALL of the blogs in my blogroll

Step 6: Then I log on to Bloggers and start thinking of a post topic

Step 7:
Then I start having self doubt in blogging while listening to Dave Matthews Band

Step 8: I do some jumping jacks get the energy flowing

step 9: ?????

Step 10: I click on "publish post" and I'm done

So, that is how I do it. I'm kidding I only use steps 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. So, what do you do before you make a post?

EDIT: It seems that no one understands what a joke post is?

The true is that all you have to do is make it a daily habit. If you can't make it a daily habit, just think to yourself that if you don't make a post every day then your whole family will die. THAT'S IT

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