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Today I really was not going to do a figure preorder post but after the figures I saw, I had to blog about it. First up is Real Arrange 002 Ikki Tousen Ryomou Shimei by D zou(diskvision). This has to be the nicest Ryomou Shimei figure I have seen, the detail of this figure is absolutely beautiful. This figure is coming out in june for the price of 13,110 Yen.

This is Nendoroid Priecia by Good Smile Company. Priecia originates from the H-game, Prism Ark,. I have not played Prism Ark but I have seen reviews and screen shoots, let me say Priecia is hot. I would have to say, this nendoroid has a lot of detail to it. This figure will come out in July for the price of 3,619 Yen.

The next 2 figures you should know who they are by now, Figma Mikuru Fighting Waitress version and Figma Tsuruya Culture Festival Maid version. Thank goodness I skipped the regular versions of these 2 Figma figures. They are both coming out in May for the price of 2,261 Yen each.

The last one in the list is Shihodo Narika Choko Sennin version by Alter. This character originated from Choko Sennin Haruka, I don't know much of that anime but the figure looks good. This figure will come out in July for the price of 7,410 Yen.

Out of all of these figures, I'm getting the 2 figma figures for sure. So, what are you going to get from these great preorders?

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