No More Shopping

I have have decided to stop buying anime DVDs, manga, and figures for a little while. I'm doing because I want to save money for Metrocon and other things. Last year I did the same thing and I saved about $800 USD which I spent half at the dealer's room and the other half on hotel.

This is going to be really, really, really hard for me because I have been seeing soo many good deals on Amazon like for example I saw the Kurosagi corpse delivery service volume 6 going for $3.99 USD and I saw Fraulein Asuka for $11 USD. The only things I'm going to buy is a new bookcase(I need a bigger one), Lucky Star volume 6(it's the last volume and I want it), Fraulein Asuka(I would call this a very early birthday present to myself), and the Otaku Dan business cards and T-shirt(I have to contact Chun about this soon).

Special thanks for those who have been clicking the adds, buying from my Amazon A-store, and buying products from my affiliates, you guys have been helping out a lot. Maybe I should rent some add on my blog, lol.

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