Perfect Lighting!?!?!

For the last couple of figure photo shoots, I have been having some trouble with the lighting. What I have been doing is that I have been using one light bulb instead of 2 and I have been manipulating the brightness of that one light bulb. While I was reading some articles at Digital Photography School, it hit me. The perfect solution for my problem was so simple.

This is my current set up
My diffuser is made up of a box and tracing paper. The tracing paper was good but not good enough at making the light softer. What I did was that I used the physical principles of a lightbox and applied it to the diffuser, meaning that instead of using tracing paper, I'm using white fabric to make the light much softer.

I'm using an old white t-shirt as my white fabric

now it is completely covered

I'm using some paperclips to make sure that the light does not escape

I'm doing the same thing to my second light bulb
now, lets look at the results:
The normal diffuser on its own

diffuser and second light bulb with the t-shirts

If you look at the second picture, the lighting is much softer than the first picture even thou I'm using 2 light bulbs. I'm planning to visit Joann Fabrics to buy some white fabric and make a slip-on cover for the second light bulb. So, what do you think of my crazy but yet effective idea?

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