Racism in Japan

While visiting Youtube(I have A LOT of free time on the weekends), I notice a video in the "Recommended for you" box titled Do you like Japan? Japan doesn't like you! racism in Japan. I was curious and typed in racism in Japan in the search bar and found a lot of Youtubers who live in Japan that have videos who have experienced racism in some form.

Japan has been known to be somewhat of a xenophobic country. You can see this from the "no foreigners, Japanese only" signs in front of some establishments. These signs are most common at Onsen and hostess bars. I can see why an Onsen would have these signs because some foreigners may not know the proper etiquette but still it is not fair.

I think in a way it is the fault of some foreigners that make all foreigners look bad because one Youtuber had his membership to a internet cafe stripped from him because a week earlier, some random foreigner acted like a fool and screwed it up for everyone and all foreigners are banned from there. So, what do you thinking of this matter?

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