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Well, this post is mostly going to be about random thoughts that have come to me and there are going to pictures that are not related to the random thoughts of mine.

I have been seeing raise of daily hits to my blog for the last 2 weeks which is pretty cool. To be honest, I'm very grateful that my blog is growing and I feel very happy for that. I hope that after Metrocon, my blog will grow drastically because I'm going to be hosting a How to start an anime blog panel and a panel covering the entire Gundam franchise. I will be pasting out my business card(I just contacted Chun about the new design of my cards) to anyone I meet at the con. Who knows, something good can come from that.

For that last couple of years, my wisdom teeth have been coming out and I'm not in pain like some people go through. What sucks is that I'm constantly bleeding from were those teeth are coming out of. I'm actually looking for a new dentist that takes my health insurance so it won't cost me a leg and an arm to get those teeth removed.

Yes, I do wear glasses since I was 4 years old
I have been meaning to get some more action bases for my Gundam model kits to display them in some cool poses like the one below. I really want to start build model kits again but since college is taking up a lot of my time, it would be impossible. I may build one when I start summer vacation which starts by the end April. There are 3 kits that I want to build and they are HGUC Nu Gundam, HGUC Sazabi, and HG Gundam Exia.

My favorite Gundam, RX-79(G) ground type

My second favorite Gundam, Blue Destiny 1

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