The Real Format War

The format war is a never ending battle between the different media formats to see which format will reign supreme. Every single time when a format becomes king, in a few years, its empire will fall as if it was nothing. This war greatly affects us because if you don't adapt quickly, you will be left in the dust. The current war is between the DVD and the Blueray but in reality the war is between physical media and the digital download.

Physical media has been around for a very long time but the internet came in, it has not been the same. Lets take the newspaper for example, it has been around for centuries and it was the only way how people got the news until the radio and television came along. Sales drops for the newspaper but it was going still going strong until the internet stopped it in its tracks. The newspaper is still being printed but in a few year it will be a relic of the past because anyone can get the latest news in a matter of seconds for free.

DVDs and CDs will have the same fate as the newspaper. There are a lot of DVD rental services that are now offering streaming and/or download services because they know that people will stop getting DVDs. Think about it, would you prefer to drive to the store, hope they have a copy of the movie you want, wait in line, and drive back home or pay $5 USD and have the movie streaming on your TV. Microsoft stated that the Xbox 360 will not get a blueray adapter but they will focus on the Netflix downloading service instead. I would not be surprised that in 10 years, store's movie section will not be around and will be replaced by media downloading machine section.

I will admit it, I like physical media but I know that it will not be around anymore and I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can. So, what do you think of the Physical media versus the digital download war?

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