Updates, Updates, Updates

Well, a lot of updates are coming soon to me and my blog. The updates that are coming for my blog are going to be good and it will make my blog much more user friendly and ones for me are actually great.

I have been thinking and I'm going to move my blogroll to its own page because right now the right column looks very mess and to much is going on. It will be easy to access by simply click on the tab above titled "Blogroll" and it will be next to the home tab. I'm going to be taking off blogs that have not been updated in over 6 months. By the way, my blogroll is open to anyone.

Here have some Miku

I finally got a hotel reservation for this year's Metrocon at a great price of $90 USD(with a AAA discount) a night unlike last year that it was at $170 USD a night. I decided to enter in this year's Picture This contest, it is a photography contest that Metrocon is going to have for the first time. The pictures must be anime related in some way. I was just going to submit the pictures of the figure photo shoot that got me notice by the anime blogging community but the rules state that the picture may not have any watermarks and that sucks because I don't have the original ones. I'm going have to redo almost all of my figure photo shoots and pick the 5 best pictures. I'm going to try and see if I can get a press pass this years but if I can't, oh well.

This has been a short post but at least you will be knowing what is coming from me in the future.

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