Dub Hater Rant

Yesterday, I watched a Youtube video titled "Dub Haters make NO sense" by iSugoi(formerly known as Otaku Crave). I will admit, I agree with most of the arguments they came up with and I was going to leave a comment there own opinion but the 500 character limit on Youtube can't handle my awesomeness.

First of all this rant is towards people who hate ALL dubs in general. First of all, anyone who hates all dubs and loves the original Japanese dubs but you don't know a lick of Japanese, you have no damn right to complain. If you don't know Japanese, how in the world can't tell if the dub is good or bad. For all you know, they can have a couple of monkeys do a dub of an anime and the dub haters will think its Japanese. I will say it but I have seen bad Japanese and English dubs and as well as great Japanese and English dubs.

When I watch an anime in a English speaking setting but the characters are speaking Japanese, it very unnatural for me. Let me use the anime Baccano! as an example, this anime is set in the 1930s in America. Knowing that every character is an English speaker but I'm seeing them speak Japanese is like a WTF moment, I would prefer to watch it dub.

You know what, while I'm at it let me rant about fan subbing. No one has the right to complain when their favorite anime is a day late of being released subbed, anime is not a right but a privilege. Most of these fan subbers do it for fun and they have no obligation to sub an anime. So yeah, those are my 2 cents. What are your thoughts on this subject.

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