Figure Dusting

I'm a bad figure collector, I have not dusted my figures in over 2 months. I have been very busy with college that I forgot to dust them. I tried to remember by sticking a post-it saying "must dust figures" but I would say to myself that I would do it later. I finally got the chance to do on the weekend.

I moved my figures to the bookcase for the time being. Can you guess you the character in the poster to the far left?

This is how bad it was
What I used to dust the figures are q-tips, duster, and dust remover. I mainly use the q-tips and duster but when I find a crevice that I can't clean, I use the dust remover. If you are wondering why there's a mask in the picture, I just allergic to dust.

After cleaning my figures, I clean up the shelves. First I get rid of all the dust and then I use this wood polish, it helps prevent dust from gathering up for about 2 weeks.

I separate my figures about an inch away for each other

3 hours later and everything looks great

While I was cleaning, I got a new figure that came in the mail. I will reveal the new figure in another post. So, how long does it take you to dust your figures or do you have them in a dust free room?

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