First Thoughts: Queen's Blade

It has finally happened, the anime adaptation of Queen's Blade is here. Queen's Blade originated from a series of visual combat books published by Hobby Japan, based on the work from Lost Worlds. This game only features a cast of female characters. I only a little about from the OVA that came out a while ago and the really nice figures.

Disclaimer: this post will have exposed anime boobs for you pleasure
The plot of Queen's Blade is there is a tournament held every 4 years to crown the new queen and only beautiful women are allowed to participate(I sh*t you not, that is what it said). It does not specify why it is so great to be this queen and what is the title, for all we could know these women can be fighting each other to the queen of the world or the queen of sticky notes. The episode starts out with Melona, the goo demon fighting reina who is a princess of some kingdom.

Melona's attack is squirting acid out of her boobs when she squeeze them

Not very affective against skin but it is great for fan service
A small fight scene happens and Reina is about to meet her maker until Risty saved her. The reason why Risty even bother to save her was because Reina has a bounty on her head to be returned to her kingdom.

small outfits and big boobs tends to be a common theme in this anime

We are introduced to Nanael the angel who is supposes to be the comedy relief of the series.
Reina is returned to her kingdom but in a turn of events, Risty is arrested for being a bandit even thou she saved Reine's life. A party is thrown for the return of Reina but she does not want to be then because she wants to part of the tournament. Later in the night, Risty escaped out the dungeon and raids the place blind.

Something for the bondage fans

Reina's creepy twin sister, Erina

Risty gives Reina her mothers legendary armor to aid her in the tournament. At that same time Melona shows up and an epic battle ensues. oh by the way, Reina peed herself out of fear.

Guess who's back to finish the job
Reina knows that she is no match for Melona and her acid boobs but she uses her brain to defeat her and by brain I mean her boobs. Reina docks herself to Melona to stop the acid from squirting out and that caused melona's boobs to grow to the point that she explodes.

Bigger please!

Too big

No surprise here, Reina survived and she joins Risty on a adventure for a fee.

The logic of this anime is that the less armor you wear, the more protection it gives

I know that this anime is a lot like Ikki Tousen with the fan service and women fighting in small outfits but unlike Ikki Tousen, Queen's Blade has great animation and it is known for having a great story. I'm hoping that in future episodes it will get better because this anime has potential to be a great epic action/adventure anime. So, will you watch this or will you past it up?

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