Fräulein Stick Mod

Well, it's no secret that the Figma stick is far superior that the Fräulein stick when it comes to use. The number one complaint that everyone has about the Fräulein stick it that is is too long and figure ends up looking likes it's floating. I did a simple and great mod to mine Fräulein sticks and I would like to share it.

The main reason why I did this is because after sometime, the glue dots I have been using lose the adhesive bond and my figures tip over and it is easier to clean.

These are the tools I used, a metal file, a nail file, some sort of modeling knife, small drill bits, and a drill.
What you want is that shorten the stick to about the waistline of your figure. WARNING: you only have one chance at doing this and if you screw up, you are going to be out on a Fräulein stick. First insert the appropriate sized drill bit in to the hole on the top of the stick. Slow start drilling until you feel brave enough to crank up the speed to the highest setting. When you are done drilling, cut off the extra plastic and then use a file to clean it up.

2 hours and a sliced opened thumb later, it's done

I did use two other methods for my other Fräulein sticks. The first method is to cut the stick and drill a new hole but there is a high chance of warping the stick. The second method is to cut the stick in three parts and glue together the part that has the hole and the part of the stick that is used to go into the stand but it may look a little ugly due to the glue residue. So, who is planning to do this mod?

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