Hating the Fandom

A couple of days ago, I saw the new Anime News Nina comic and it was a little funny. I notice that there is a discussion about this week's comic and a lot of people commented that they found the comic funny and that ; on the girl's shirt was a clever inside joke. A few people that left comments got into this ranting mode about how yaoi paddles annoying and people like that makes all anime fans look bad.

First of all, I'm glad that yaoi paddles are banned from most anime cons because hitting someone you don't know is very stupid because one of two things could happen, the person turns around and kicks your ass or report you to the authorities and you go to jail for assault with a weapon. I know that only a small percentage of anime fans act that way perceived in that comic but some how people who are not anime fans who this think that all anime fans are like that. I had co-workers that gave me weird looks and treat me because I like anime but their only exposure to anime is when they saw some group of idiots running around at the mall playing Naruto.

There are some people out there that make no damn sense and they state that they hate all anime fans even thou they are an anime fan themselves. These people think that anime is this secret society and that only a select few can watch it but since is became popular, it has been tarnished. That has to be the most pants-on-head retarded ideology I have seen in my life. Anime is something that should be shared with one's fellow man and the fandom should grow. I do like anime fandom but as long there is something to be a fan of, there will those creeps. So, what do you think of the current anime fandom?

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