HLJ Super Figure Sale

Hobby Link Japan is having a figure sale and these figures have to go NOW, NOW, NOW!!!(damn, I sound like a used car salesman). The figures that are up for sale are from Gurren Lagann, Xenosaga, Shakugan no Shana, and To Heart 2. However most of the figures are not that great looking but you know me, I picked the 5 best figures to for your viewing pleasure.

Yoko Space Look version was originally 5,600 Yen, it was dropped to 2,800 Yen

Yoko Swimwear version was originally 5,200 Yen, it was dropped to 2,600 Yen.

Yomako was originally 5,800 Yen, it was dropped to 4,060 Yen

Shana & Kazumi was originally 7,600 Yen, it was dropped to 3,800 Yen

KOS-MOS Swimwear version was originally 8,800 Yen, it was dropped to 6,160 Yen

I bought the Yoko Swimwear figure from this awesome sale because I preordered her but then I canceled it. I was waiting patiently for the right time and price to buy her and here it is. For those who are interested, HLJ is having other sales that you may want to take advantage. So, who is going to buy was figures at a cheap price?

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