K-On! Episode 1 Review

The highly anticipated anime K-on! is here. The plot of this anime is simple, 4 four cute high school girls join the light music club of their school. The thing is that they are the only members of this said club and 3 out 4 out the girls don't have that much experience playing musical instruments or able to read sheet music. So, it sounds like your run of the mill slice-of-life high school anime but it's not.

Let me first introduce to you the characters. First up is Yui Hirasawa, she is the clumsy airhead of the show who daydreams at the worst time. She is the guitarist of the club but the thing is that she was never played before.

Ritsu Tainaka is the self proclaimed president of the club. She is the drummer of the club because she thinks drums are cool and she really bad at instruments that need the use of finger movement.

Mio Akiyama is a shy girl who has been friends with Ritsu since their early childhood. She the Bassist of the club.

Tsumugi Kotobuki is the gentle spirit and rich girl of the club. She is the only one who has any musical ability in the club cause she has been playing the piano since she was 4 years old.

The story begins when Yui starts high school and she is looking for a club to join. Later in the week, Yui's childhood friend confronts her that she needs join a club because its important.

join a club or die!!!
At that same time, Ritsu tells Mio that she is going to join the light music but all of the members have graduate and the club is going to be abolished by the end of the month if it does not have at least 4 members. Mio was set to join the literary club but Ritsu rips up Mio's club form and forced her to join.

Ritsu and Mio end up in the club room waiting for people to walking and join. Tsumugi walks in asking for directions to were the chorus club but gets suckered into joining the light music club by a sad story that Ritsu made up. A week goes by and they still don't have a forth member, the girls make up a flier to get people to join.

Yui notices the flier and decided to join the light music club but the thing is that she can only play the castanets.

The cutest scene of this episode
Yui starts regretting joining the light music club because she thinks that she is not good enough. However she starts thinking what would the reaction of the club member if she said if that she is quitting.

Krauser from Detroit Metal City makes a special appearance just because he can
Yui is treated to some cake and tea under the impression that the other members think she is this godly guitarist who came to save the day. Yui confesses that she does not play guitar and that she has no musical ability but stays in the club to save it.

When I watching this anime, I was getting sort of a lucky star feel from it. I would say that the animation is great and I wonder how much money did Kyoto Animation get for this anime because it is very active and the movement flows well. The opening and ending are a great example of that.

K-On! opening

K-On! Ending

So, is this anime on your watching list for this anime season or are you pasting it up?

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