K-On! Episode 2 Review

It's one week later and the new episode of K-On! is here. Let see what great adventure Yui and friends will get into this week.

If you stare long enough into her eyes, you will see the future
It starts out with the girls sipping on tea and eating sweets while Yui is having an internal monologue introducing her new friends. Then Mio asked Yui if she had bought a guitar yet and she has not. Yui then finds out how much the average price of a guitar is and feels sad about until Tsumugi gave her a cream puff. Ritsu comes up with the idea of meeting up in the weekend to shop around for a guitar.

The girls meet up and get distracted by visiting a bunch of shops, they eventual get the musical instrument store.

Yui finally finds the guitar she wanted but...................
It costs 250,000 Yen and Yui only has 50,000 Yen to spend. Ritsu comes up with the idea of bargaining the price of the guitar but Yui thinks that she still does not have enough money for it. For those who are wondering, that's a 1958 Gibson Les Paul cherry sunburst, That is my favorite second favorite guitar model.

The girls decide to get jobs to help out Yui buy her guitar. Mio starts having all of these weird but funny fantasies of her doing jobs that requires her to interact with people and she's terrified due to her shyness. The four girls end up getting a job together counting cars driving by on a street.

After 2 days of hard work counting cars, they get paid. However, Yui refused to take the money from her friends because she wants to do it on her own.

The girls go back to the store to buy a guitar that Yui can afford. Tsumugi up to the clerk and to lower the price of that guitar, he realized that Tsumugi is in fact the daughter of the owner of the store. If you are wondering how that guy figured that out is because of Tsumugi big eyebrows, it must run in the family. The clerk dropped the price the guitar that Yui wanted to 50,000 Yen.

It like looking at a little kid sleeping with their favorite toy, moe

Ritsu come up with the idea that they will perform at Budokan(it must be some big musical event) before they graduate and that will be in 1,065 days.

The one thing that annoyed me was that the Tsumugi lowering the price thing could have been done on the first trip to the music store but maybe it did not happen because they wanted to show that one must work for what they want and not let friends do everything for you.

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