K-On Episode 3 Review

Yesterday I started my final exams for college and what a coincidence that the cute girls from K-On are taking their mid term exams in this week's episode.

Instead of studying, Yui practice some new chords that she was asked to learn and goofs off. Everyone in the club except for Yui pass with a great score. Yui got a 12 out 100, Epic Fail to the max.

We later learn that anyone who failed the midterm is banned from all club activities until they take the make up exam. If they fail the make up exam, then they are kicked out from their club, this is the bad because without Yui, the light music will be abolished(you need at least 4 members to have a club).

Yui has about a week before the exam and to no surprise, she spend most of that week playing guitar, cleaning her clean, and not studying. On the day before the exam, she asks her great friends to help her study. Each girl had their own job, Mio was tutor, Tsumugi was the cake supplier, and Ritsu did nothing. We finally get a chance to meet Ui, Yui's younger and mature sister.

Nodoka comes over with some sandwiches and great memories of Yui being herself. I'm waiting for the weight loss episode because these girls eat too damn much.


The club members are waiting in anticipation because the future of the club is in the hands Yui the airhead

This does not look good, how did she do on the test?

A perfect score

At the end, she forgot the chords she learned at the start of the episode, silly Yui
This week's episode was a little funny but for 2 episodes straight it has been about Yui having a problem and her friends help her out but at the end a miracle happens. I want to see the story progress and maybe a character development episode that does not involve Yui. Below is this week's cute Mio screen shot.

Too cute!!!

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