K-On! Episode 4 Review

Beaches, fun, swims suits and Mio are all in this week's episode of K-On!, come in to see what awesome adventure the girls get into this week.

I know you like what you see
This week's episode begins when Mio discovered the cassette tape of the light music club before them. Since summer vacation was going to start soon, she decided that the club will have a training camp to improve their skills during the break.

The girls end up staying at one of many Tsumugi's ocean side villa for training. Mio shows Tsumugi the tape and the last light music club is really good compared to the current club. Things don't go according to plan and the girls spend most of the day playing and having fun under the sun.

This is going the be the cover for Mio's idol DVD

That must have been really fun what they did, but it seems that must have forgotten something important.......................

oh snap

The girls made an effort to practice and Yui learned how to bend the strings in her own special way. They started discussing about what they are going to do for the school festival, Ritsu suggested for them to have a maid cafe to exploit Mio's cuteness but the in the end, they are going to perform for the school instead.

can you say moe maid Mio three times fast?

Yui was playing her guitar with fireworks going off behind her, it was visually pleasing but no audio.

This is the closest thing to ever seeing them naked in this anime(doujinshi and fan art does not count)

This week's episode was pretty cool and seeing the characters improve in their art is pretty cool. I don't know it was me but this episode feels that the anime is aware that it's targeted towards otaku with the characters saying moe and the whole maid thing. One more thing, Yui has ADHD. How do I know this, I spoke to my former psychology professor and I told him a have a "cousin" how acts a little wierd and gave him the symptoms. So, did you enjoy this week's episode?

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