Metrocon 09 Update

Metrocon is only 76 days away and I'm pretty excited because this is the only anime con I visit only a year. For those 3 days that I'm at that con, I'm surrounded by anime fans just like me having a ton of fun. This year I decided to do everything early unlike last year that everything was rushed and I did not have enough time to do certain things.

In my last update, I mentioned that I found a hotel at a cheap price but now, I found a better hotel at a much cheaper price and it's closer to the Tampa Convention center. I was not able to get a press badge because they say that they run out, so it seems that I have to get the regular badge again this year. However, I going to be donating my time as a volunteer and so I can get my entry fee refunded after 10 hours of work. Since I'm hosting 2 panels, I'm automatically getting 6 hours of work.

Last year, I really did not have a list of what I really wanted and I missed a lot of this I wanted to get. I have started making that list and it looking good, I have so far 24 manga series and 36 complete collects anime series and movies. For figures, I'm just going to print out my Tsuki-board figure wishlist.

This year I'm going to try to me more social with other anime fans. I may make a post in Danny Choo's classifieds for a DC meet up. If you are attending Metrocon and you want to meet me, leave a comment below. So, who is attending an anime con this year and if you already have attended one, tell me about your experience.

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