Modding Gundam

For the the last couple of months I have been wanting to modify a gundam model kit. I was first inspired by the fantastic custom mods over at BAKUC Online. Those mods have to be the best I have seen in a long time especially the winner of BAKUC 2008.

This is my Cross Bone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth version
The thing is that I have not build any type of Gundam model kit in almost a year and I think that my model kit building skills have become the same as a noob. I hope that model kit building skills is something the one never forgets kind of like riding a bicycle. The big question is should I just mod a model kit that I already own or new build a new one from scratch. If I mod an existing model kit it would be cheaper but I would have to take it apart and it could break. However, If a bought brand new one, I don't have to worry so much but it would cost a lot to buy it in the first place. Now there are two modding routes I can take, custom job or battle damage.

My Cross Bone is not wearing the special collar because it broke and I have been meaning to fix it.

I think that it would be best to plan everything ahead of time before I start modding way. I think this is going to be my fun project during my summer break that starts very soon. So, do you build Gundam model kits and if not, would you ever want to?

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