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Everyone knows that for any hobby a podcast for that said hobby will exist. Now, for anime fans it's a little tough because there are so many podcast devoted for anime, one can't pick the right now. About 2 years ago, I found the right anime podcast for me, OtakuGeneration.

I discovered OtakuGeneration while I was looking for a new podcast to listen to during work and after I finished listening to, I was hooked. They always have new topics every week that is fun to listen but interesting and a lot of very entertaining segments. The segments they have are:
Feed back: The cast responds to the emails the listener send to them every week.

Bernhart's rant!: interesting and humorous rants

Jefferson's weird news: various news articles from Japan that are on the weird side

Fanboy forecast with Bryce: a weekly review of a video game, anime, or manga that he is geeking over but he does it in a mature way. By the way, he likes it when people compliment him.

Kyle's cartoon corner: he talks about cartoons from the past and you can request for him to do a cover song on any cartoon opening, he is a talented singer.

Nickname me: you pretty much send it something about yourself and they will come up with a screwed up but funny nickname but at least they are nice enough to make a logo for you. If you are wondering, they nicknamed me Fisty G.

Weekly DVD releases by Albert: every week Albert informs the listeners on the new anime DVDs that are going to be released.

now you are wondering how you can listen to them, you go to their site and download a new episode every Wednesday or you can catch the live show on Monday at 8:00 PM eastern time on Justin TV(you can catch me in the chat). My favorite episodes that I recommend are 57, 89, 127, 148, and 199, in that order. So, what anime podcasts do you listen?

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