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A while back, I left comment in Lovely Duckies' post on how one chooses an anime. I mentioned that I go in blindly when I pick a new anime to watch because I like to be exposed to everything. That comment that I made got me thinking and I notice that I'm the total opposite when it comes to manga.

When I pick a new manga to read, I do a lot of research on it. I first check if that manga is completed in Japan and how many volumes it has. Then I try to find out who is currently publishing it in the U.S. because some companies tend to be a little sloppy with the translations(not saying any names) and I have seen manga having been published by different companies and being re-issued.

I know that by me doing that research takes the fun out of discovering something new without prior knowledge but I do want to be disappointed at the end. I have bad experience in the past by going in blindly with manga on 3 separate occasions and I don't want it to happen again. Two out of the three manga I have bought without knowing anything about had a crappy plot and the other one was put on hiatus. I feel that picking up a manga that has gone on hiatus is a waste of money because won't know when the next volume will be released and you will end up forgetting about it. I have been meaning to pick up X/1999 but since I know that this manga has been on hiatus for many years, I have been thinking twice about it. The same goes with Berserk, I know that this manga has a great but I know that a new chapter is released maybe every 6 months.

Konata is reading Manga: the Complete Guide to see which manga she is going to pick up next.

Maybe I'm like this because I spend more money on manga than anime and I don't want to feel that I wasted my time and money on something bad. Hopefully on my next trip to Books-A-Million, I will pick something at random and it will be good for a change. So, how do you pick a manga that you are going to read next?

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