Queen's Blade: the embarrassment of the season

I hate to admit it but Queen's Blade is nothing but a blunder. I had such high hopes for this anime because the games it originates from has an epic storyline but the anime is a disappointment.

I have played the games in the past and I found the stories to be fun because you have imagine what's going on and I know it does include pervy pictures but the characters nipples are covered. The anime is the total opposite, it's has become nothing but fighting and fan service. A great example of that is episode 3, in the start of the episode we get to see Tomoe in a bikini, that seems out of place because 1) bikinis don't exist in the Queen's Blade universe and 2) Tomoe is a shinto priestess from an elite society, meaning that she should never wear that. Later in the episode we get to see Reina mud wrestling for money in a much smaller outfit than she usually wears in front of pretty big crowd of men screaming how they like Reina's body. I bet if you tell a feminist the plot of Queen's Blade they will think that more anime series like this should be made but when you show it to them, they like most likely change their mind.

If someone asked me whats Queen's Blade is about, I would say it has tits and ass, oh and I think there's some sort of tournament or something like that. I'm actually thinking about dropping it which is rare for me because I have drop only 2 anime series in my life, Macademi Wasshoi and Air Master. I decided that I will drop it if it does not improve by episode 4. Honestly, I'm starting to think that this anime was made to help sell more Queens Blade games and figures. So, who has dropped this anime so far and why?

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