Shopping Spree

Yesterday, I got a great score in a exam that I have been studying for some time. In celebration, I went to Books-A-Million and bought myself some manga. When I got home, I found 2 packages that I had ordered about a week ago of my door step.

What I bought at Books-A-Million was Claymore volume 11 and Uzumaki volume 1 and 2. What came in the envelope was Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service volume 6.

I also bought this lovely Kallen figure at over at Hobby Search, I saw that this figure went to the bargain bin and I feel for temptation.

I may post a figure photo shoot of my new figure later this week. I still waiting for some more packages from other orders. So, when you see a figure that ends up in the bargain bin, do you buy it without thinking twice or do you pass it up?

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