Uzumaki Manga Review

For the last couple of weeks I have been reading the manga Uzumaki(no relation to an orange jumpsuit wearing ninja) by Junji Ito. Junji Ito is horror mangaka, he is best known for the manga series Tomie which spawned 8 movies. This has to be one of the greatest horror manga I have read to date.

The story is about Kirie, a teenage girl living in the rural town of Kurozo-cho. For some reason, spirals are being naturally created like in vines and whirlpools. After a certain indecent that greatly affected Kirie's boyfriend, a lot of strange and creepy events started in Kurozo-cho. Madness is spreading like wildfire in this town from people turning into giant snails to pregnant women attacking hospital patients and consuming their blood for to please the wishes of their unborn children. The art style of this manga is very similar to Drifting Classroom even thou it was made in 1998. The horror elements of this manga is constantly changing from psychological to gore, keeping the reader on their feet.

After reading Uzumaki, my going read Junji Ito's other work like Gyo and Museum of Terror. I recommend this manga to anyone looking for a short but great Horror Manga series and should be part of anyone's collection.

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