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This is going to be a personal post day, I don't feel like writing about figures and anime related stuff. Yesterday on my way to class, I notice some help wanted fliers posted of the walls of the computer room. Something inside of me told me to look at one, what the fliers stated that the I.T. department of my college is looking for student assistants to work part time. After class, I asked my computer professor about that position and he said it would be great for me to get that job because I can get experience from it since I'm majoring in computer programming. He said that I can list him down as one of my references because he said I'm one of his best students. I know that if I play my cards right, that job will be mine.

Picture not related to post but who cares?

On the start of the week, I made the K-On episode 1 review post. I did that post as a test to see if should do a review of ever episode in the coming weeks and it was a success. I will continue to make episodic reviews on K-On until it's over.

I need to stop buying manga for a while because I will not any spending money for my trip, the last manga I'm going to buy until trip will be Uzumaki volume 3. I may do a review of this manga in the future. So, what's new with you?

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