Why Do We Blog?

This post was suppose to be for yesterday but since I lost power while writing it, the whole post was gone. I have always had that question running in my mind, why do we blog? Is it for ourselves or is it for fame. I will be honest when I started blogging, I was do it for myself. I blog because for me it's a great way for me to express myself and in the process I got to to meet a lot of great people in the blog world.

I have been analyzing for the last 6 months on why so many new blogs die out. About 70 percent of all new blogs die within 5 months of starting out. I figured it out, they start a blog for fame. These bloggers who do it because they want to be the next Danny Choo or Sankaku Complex but they can't because they are themselves. If you start a blog with the idea that you are going to be famous, you are not going to last long. I have seen new bloggers writing nasty posts about bloggers who are well known in the community just to get famous off another person. These fame seekers quit blogging because they did not get the results they wanted.

Now, these bloggers who write for themselves because it makes them feel good become successful. They don't seek fame but it comes to them naturally. Let me use Jayman for example, he does not seek fame and he does not promote his blog at all but he has a very successful because he blogs for himself. When I read his posts, I can feel that he puts his soul into it which is the reason why I visit his blog all the time waiting for the next post. You must be wondering how in the world I manage to write a new post everyday, it is because I like to do it and it makes me feel good. So, why do you blog?

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